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Sunday 20th & Monday 21st April 2014

Thousands of eggs to find!

First started over 35 years ago by the Count and Countess de La Panouse for their children, the Thoiry Easter Egg Hunt has long since become an unmissable annual event for visitors.

On Sunday 20 & Monday 21 April, 2014, from 10:00 to 13:00, our visitors are invited to search the Chateau’s Gardens for 9,000 hidden chocolate eggs. And 20 special "surprise" eggs provide the lucky finders with passports to the Thoiry Chateau & Wildlife Park, giving them access for the rest of the 2014 season. Chocolate fanatics can earn even more treats by wandering through the 2.3 km of paths in our maze. In addition, at the entrance to the park use your entrance ticket to join a raffle to win an extra chocolate bunny.

Everyone has the chance to win. There is even a dedicated area for toddlers offering them hidden prizes appropriate for their age… and size.

... and the animals will join the feast!

Easter means treats for the animals as well! Our carnivores enjoy Easter eggs made from morsels of meat, and the primate’s eggs are made from frozen syrup and fruit.

This event is included in the price of admission to the park.

For further information – 01 34 87 53 76


SUNDAY 22nd JUNE 2014 AT 5:15 AM

An early morning discovery of the African Safari and the esoteric architecture of the chateau with the Count de La Panouse

Solstice celebration, conference with the Comte de la Panouse, breakfast in the chateau and a private guided tour of the African Safari before opening to the public.

Enjoy an early morning discovery of the architecture of the chateau and its African Safari, with the Count de La Panouse, owner and creator of Thoiry’s safari park.

Greeted at 5:15 am at the chateau, you will discover the secrets of the solar architecture of the chateau as explained by its owner, the Count de la Panouse. If the weather allows you will see the sun rise in the central axis of the chateau. We then offer you a hearty cooked breakfast prepared by the chateau’s housekeeper.

Finally, board the zoo train for a guided tour of the African Safari in its early morning glory with its creator, the Count de la Panouse,

The program:

  • 5h15 : Welcome by the Count de La Panouse and a talk on the esoteric architecture of the chateau
  • 5h55 : Sunrise in the central axis of the chateau
  • 6h30 : Breakfast
  • 7h30 : Departure by train to visit the African Safari.
Prices: Adult € 38 - Child € 20
Prices with Thoiry Passport : Adult € 36 - Child € 18
Supplement to visit the Zoo : 12.80 € per person
Reservation obligatory

Information et Reservations : Château de Thoiry - 78770 Thoiry en Yvelines Téléphone 01 34 87 49 26 -